Delaware Department of

Meat Compliance & Enforcement


Under the Delaware Department of Agriculture’s Food Products Inspection program, the Delaware Meat Compliance and Enforcement section reviews and enforces meat, poultry, and egg laws at the state and federal levels. Compliance officers ensure that Delawareans are receiving wholesome products that are not misbranded or adulterated.


Consumer Complaints

Our compliance officers investigate consumer complaints related to meat and poultry products that were produced, handled, sold or transported in the State of Delaware.

If you have a consumer concern related to a meat or poultry product, please contact the Food Products Inspection Program at (302) 698-4540.



Compliance officers coordinate field activities relating to detentions and seizures, voluntary recalls and other activities necessary to control products that violate the law. In order to enforce the laws, compliance officers:

  • Conduct reviews of stores, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, wholesalers, and any other facility that receives meat, poultry and egg products.
  • Investigate recalls, consumer complaints, and unapproved slaughter facilities that could harm the welfare and health of the consumer.

If a violation of a state and/or federal law is found, enforcement can include prosecution.

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