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Reporting Spotted Lanternfly

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Reporting Spotted Lanternfly
Managing Spotted Lanternfly
A beige spotted lanternfly egg mass in a groove of a street lamp post.
A spotted lanternfly egg mass on a street lamp post.

Reporting sightings of spotted lanternfly near the Dover Air Force Base and in Sussex County is significant. Citizen reports help us determine how these insects move and which transportation pathways they utilize. These reports also allow us to notify agricultural operations with plants vulnerable to this insect.

While spotted lanternfly are planthoppers, they can fly and are quick to hop away.  Make sure to kill the nymphs and adults before taking pictures because we do not want them to stay in the environment. It is recommended that you stomp on a spotted lanternfly head-on. If they feel the air change from your foot coming down behind them, they will hop away or take flight.


How to Report a Sighting

One of the most important pieces of tracking their movement is knowing the exact location where you found the spotted lanternfly. Please make sure to include the location in your report to the Delaware Department of Agriculture. By having the sighting location, our inspectors can visit the location/area to determine if a new spotted lanternfly population is present.

  • Online Submission Form
  • Email:
    • Subject: Include the location of the find
    • Include your name, contact information, and the address or georeference where the insect was found.
    • If you can, submit a picture of any life stage, including egg masses.
    • Please note due to the high level of reporting, DDA inspectors will not respond to emails but will use the information provided to determine if a new spotted lanternfly population is present.
  • Social Media
    • With the GPS function turned on your smartphone or a camera with GPS, take a photograph of any life stage (including egg masses). Upload your photograph to Facebook or Instagram, using the hashtag #HitchHikerBug.

Whenever possible, destroy positively identified spotted lanternfly with registered insecticides and discard them. Efforts to identify and destroy spotted lanternfly will help your property and community.


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