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For Consumers

Learn how to find and buy local Delaware products, visit a state forest, or learn about Delaware’s Agricultural history.

Find local farms, orchards, pumpkin patches, Christmas Tree growers, and more. Support Delaware businesses by buying local.

Delaware has three state forests, one in each county, totaling more than 20,000 acres.

Our Plant Industry section certifies grain inspectors, our Nutrient Management section certifies nutrient management positions, our Pesticide section certifies pesticide applicators, and we offer food safety courses for Delaware farmers. We inspect and certify commercial weighing or measure devices before they placed into commercial use. Our Seed Laboratory tests seed samples, our Plant Industries section inspect honeybee colonies and issues certificates of inspection for nursery stock growers who are wholesalers.

Learn more about pesticide management, work with one of our staff to identify residential pests, and find out what Delaware is doing to protect pollinators.

Learn more about the work that we do to ensure the generation and application of nutrients maintains and improves the environment.

See Delaware production data over time on fruits and vegetable, grains and land, and livestock and poultry.

Agland preservation is vital to our state. Learn how we protect these lands.

We issue licenses and permits from the Department of Agriculture for a variety of industries, products, and professionals.

Learn more about the inspection of food products, including enforcement of Delaware’s Egg Law.

We perform ongoing observation and surveillance for contagious diseases in all domestic animals in Delaware.


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