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Weights & Measures


Silver car with gas being pumped into tank at a gas stationThe mission of the Weights and Measures Section is to safeguard the public in all matters involving commercial determinations of quantity. Inspection and testing procedures are designed to ensure the accuracy of all transactions whenever merchandise is bought or sold by weight, measure, or count, and to eliminate the potential for fraud, carelessness, and misrepresentations during such transactions.

Education is the cornerstone of Delaware’s Weights and Measures program. Our inspectors receive countless hours of formal classroom and informal on the job training throughout the year. We provide educational presentations to local businesses to ensure their full compliance with Delaware laws and regulations. Through our Voluntary Serviceperson Registration program, we have trained and licensed more than 300 scale and liquid measurement service technicians in the state. We are readily available to provide informational seminars to local organizations.

Key Objectives

We protect consumers by administering a program to:

  • Make consumers aware of their rights concerning commercial transactions, and publicize the Weights and Measures consumer complaint investigation function.
  • Provide a visible inspection seal on all commercial weighing and measuring devices to properly notify the public of the accuracy of these devices.
  • Maintain the integrity of Weights and Measures field standards by assuring their traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Legally acceptable standards must be used to verify the accuracy of commercial weighing and measuring devices.


The work of the Weights and Measures Section has an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives from the moment we wake until we go to sleep.

  • The weights or volumes of your toothpaste, bath soap, cereal, milk, coffee, luncheon meat, bread, hamburger, vegetables, soft drinks, and snacks are all regulated by Weights and Measures.
  • The meter that delivers your heating fuel and the pump that fills the gas tank of your car is checked by our inspectors.
  • The pricing program at stores with checkout scanners is checked to ensure that items ring up at the posted or advertised price. The amount of time that the local do-it-yourself car wash provides for you to wash your car falls under our jurisdiction.
  • The vehicle scales that determine the price that your refuse hauler charges for garbage service are inspected for accuracy and correctness by our staff.
  • The enforcement of ADA compliance at Retail gasoline stations; refueling assistance for persons with disabilities. 6 Del.C. Ch. 29 ยง 2912. Self-service gasoline stations; refueling assistance for persons with disabilities
  • Registered Commercial Weighing and Measuring Service Agencies

The list goes on and on, but every item that is sold by weight, measure, or count in Delaware falls under the scrutiny of our Weights and Measures Section.

Questions and Complaints

If you have a question concerning Weights and Measures, please e-mail us. If you have a complaint, please complete our online complaint form. Your concern will normally be addressed within 24-48 hours.

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