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Arbor Day Poster Contest

2024 Theme: Trees are Terrific…For Outdoor Adventures! Getting outside is important! When we spend more time outdoors, we can become healthier, less stressed, more connected to nature, and better stewards of the environment. There are many activities that can be enjoyed outdoors, and trees and forests can enhance the experience. Since 1872, Arbor Day has […]

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Arbor Day Celebration

Arbor Day History J. Sterling Morton established the first Arbor Day in Nebraska on April 10, 1872, to urge Americans to practice conservation by planting trees. On March 31, 1822, President Warren G. Harding issued a proclamation urging all governors to set aside the last Friday in April as the Golden Anniversary of Arbor Day. […]

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Tree-Related Events

Tree Planting Events Volunteers of all ages are invited to participate in tree planting events held throughout the year. Registration is required to participate in each event. Volunteers are asked to sign a consent form, and a parent or guardian must sign the form if under the age of 18. Volunteer Consent Form What to […]

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Resources for Homeowners

Trees add value to a home in so many ways: increased property values, windbreaks and shade, reduced energy costs, natural beauty, as well as food and habitat for wildlife and native pollinators. Selecting the right tree, planting it in the right place, and providing for its future care are important investments of time and money […]

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Resources for Communities

Trees provide numerous benefits to a community. Through proper planning, design, and management, trees can improve human health and well-being by moderating climate, decreasing energy use, improving air quality, providing natural beauty and recreational opportunities, reducing flooding, and many other benefits.   Grant and Funding Opportunities Delaware’s Urban and Community Forestry Program offers annual grants […]

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Tree Friendly Community

Delaware’s Tree Friendly Program recognizes communities that protect and enhance their urban forests. Delaware’s Tree Friendly Community Program honors communities and homeowner associations that are committed to protecting and enhancing our state’s urban forest resources. Delaware currently has 21 communities that are certified as “Tree Friendly.” Download a  Tree Friendly Application A community can qualify by accomplishing […]

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Delaware Forest Action Plan

Delaware’s Forest Action Plan consists of two major documents: a comprehensive forest resource assessment and a statewide forest strategy. The plan is submitted to the U.S. Forest Service every ten years as part of a comprehensive process that involves staff, governmental partners at all levels, and important stakeholders including private landowners, industry groups, nonprofits, natural […]

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Emerald Ash Borer in Delaware

Significance of Emerald Ash Borer Emerald ash borer (EAB) – a destructive, invasive beetle that attacks and kills North American ash trees – was detected in a surveillance trap in New Castle County in 2016.  In 2018, the Department began to find larger populations of this invasive pest in both New Castle County and Sussex County. […]

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Pest Identification

The Department of Agriculture can help you to identify various pests that can affect your livestock, trees, and home, at no cost.

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