Delaware Department of

Agriculture Compliance


The mission of the Agriculture Compliance section is to protect the consumer by administering a regulatory program for commercial feeds and pet foods, commercial fertilizers and soil conditioners, fertilizer and soil conditioners tonnage, liming materials, frozen desserts, and milk sold to commercial dairies.

Key Objectives

We protect consumers by administering a regulatory program consisting of:

  • Inspection
  • Registration and Label Review
  • Laboratory Analysis


The Agriculture Compliance section inspects commercially available products offered for sale in the Delaware marketplace. Products are examined for accurate labeling and nutrient content to ensure that consumers receive what they expect. The State of Delaware is consumer protected, and the Agriculture Compliance program promotes fair competition among the industry.

Although we are not a commercial laboratory, the Agriculture Compliance lab analyzes samples within our testing capabilities upon request by the general public.

Instructions and Applications

Instructions and Applications for commercial feeds & pet foods, commercial fertilizers & soil conditioner, fertilizer & soil conditioners tonnage, and liming materials are available online.

Product Registration Database Searches

Search for products and labels approved for distribution in Delaware below:


Pet Food (Dog or Cat)

Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner

Liming Materials

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