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Instructions and Applications

To register commercial feed and pet food, commercial fertilizers, soil conditioners, or liming materials, please contact Leanne Garrett at Leanne.Garrett@delaware.gov for more information.


Commercial Feeds

  • Commercial Feed is any animal feed other than dog or cat. For dog or cat products see Commercial
    Pet Food registration below.
  • Commercial Feed  Registration is online at https://kellysolutions.com/erenewals/feed

Commercial Pet Foods

  • Commercial pet food is dog or cat food only. Any other animal or pet food product should be
    registered under Commercial Feeds.
  • Commercial Pet Foods Registration is online at https://kellysolutions.com/erenewals/petfood

Commercial Fertilizers & Soil  Conditioners

Commercial Fertilizer & Soil Conditioners Tonnage

Commercial Liming Materials

Commercial Liming Materials Tonnage

Commercial Fertilizer Mixing Facility

Commercial Fertilizer Mixing Facility Tonnage

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