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Plant Protection & Quarantine

Single fire ant on leafOur Plant Industries section assist and cooperate with USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services’ (APHIS) Plant Protection & Quarantine (PPQ) Unit regarding the export certification of plants and plant products; issuing federal and state phytosanitary certificates; processing permits for the interstate movement of plant pests; conducting inspections of fields and facilities for agricultural biotechnology permits; post-entry quarantine inspections; processing permits for the interstate movement of soil; and the enforcement of federal and state plant and pest quarantines (Title 3 Chapter 11 – Plant Pests Law).

By surveying and monitoring insect and plant disease pests that threaten Delaware’s agricultural, horticultural and forestry resources, and control measures can be implemented immediately when plant pests are detected (Title 3 Chapter 11 – Plant Pests Law). The Plant Industries section also cooperates with the Delaware Forest Service on the Forest Health Monitoring and Cooperative Forest Health Protection programs.


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