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Delaware Department of

Contact the Poultry and Animal Health Section

Delaware Department of Agriculture
2320 South DuPont Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901

Business Phone: (302) 698-4561 (Poultry and Animal Health Section)
Business Phone:  Animal Emergency Hotline (after hours): (302) 233-1480
Business Phone: (302) 698-4500 (DDA Receptionist)
Business Phone: (800) 282-8685 (Toll-Free)
Business Fax: (302) 697-4451


Poultry and Animal Health Staff

State Veterinarian, Dr. Heather Hirst

Deputy State Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Lopez

Inspector Supervisor, Robert Moore

Administrative Specialist II, Jenna Parker


Daytime Contacts for Common Animal Complaints
(8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday)

Area of Concern Email (answered on next business day) During Business Hours
Livestock and poultry are sick or dying or 302-698-4561
Livestock and poultry are running at large 302-698-4562
Backyard poultry registration 302-698-8589
Exotic animal permitting 302-698-4562
Rabies (Human exposed to potentially rabid animal) 302-744-4990
Rabies (Animal exposed to potentially rabid animal) 302-698-4630



After Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Contacts for Common Animal Complaints

Area of Concern  Contact
After hours disease emergency
(agricultural animals)

If you have a disease emergency involving agricultural animals
that needs immediate attention after hours call 302-233-1480.


After hours livestock or poultry welfare
concerns that need immediate attention

Call the Office of Animal Welfare at 302-255-4646.


After hours stray livestock and poultry

Your call will be returned in order or priority on the next business day.


After hours exposure of a person to rabies Call the Division of Public Health hotline at 1-888-295-5156.


Wildlife Questions: DDA Does Not Respond to Wildlife Questions or Complaints

Please refer to for help with your questions. State personnel do not respond to nuisance complaints about wildlife. Delawareans should call a private pest control company for assistance with wildlife. A list of these companies can be found under the “Professional Help” section of

You may find answers to other wildlife concerns at the DNREC Fish and Wildlife website

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