Delaware Department of

Contact the Poultry and Animal Health Section

Delaware Department of Agriculture
2320 South DuPont Highway
Dover, Delaware 19901

Business Phone: (302) 698-4561 (Poultry and Animal Health Section)
Business Phone:  Animal Emergency Hotline (after hours): (302) 233-1480
Business Phone: (302) 698-4500 (DDA Receptionist)
Business Phone: (800) 282-8685 (Toll-Free)
Business Fax: (302) 697-4451


Poultry and Animal Health Staff

State Veterinarian, Dr. Karen Lopez

Administrative Specialist II, Lexus Deneumoustier

Inspector Supervisor, Vacant

Daytime Contacts for Common Animal Complaints
(8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday – Friday)

Area of Concern Email
(answered on next business day)
During Business Hours Only
Livestock and poultry are sick or dying 302-698-4561
Livestock and Poultry are running at large 302-698-4562
Backyard poultry registration 302-698-4507
Exotic animal permitting 302-698-4562
Rabies (Human exposed to potentially rabid animal) 302-744-4990
Rabies (Animal exposed to potentially rabid animal) 302-698-4630



After Hours, Weekend, and Holiday Contacts for Common Animal Complaints

Area of Concern  Contact
After hours disease emergency
(agricultural animals)

If you have a disease emergency involving agricultural animals
that needs immediate attention after hours call 302-233-1480.


After hours livestock or poultry welfare
concerns that need immediate attention

Call the Office of Animal Welfare at 302-255-4646.


After hours stray livestock and poultry

Your call will be returned in order or priority on the next business day.


After hours exposure of a person to rabies Call the Division of Public Health hotline at 1-888-295-5156.


Wildlife Questions: DDA Does Not Respond to Wildlife Questions or Complaints

Please refer to for help with your questions. State personnel do not respond to nuisance complaints about wildlife. Delawareans should call a private pest control company for assistance with wildlife. A list of these companies can be found under the “Professional Help” section of

You may find answers to other wildlife concerns at the DNREC Fish and Wildlife website

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