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Delaware Department of

Thoroughbred Racing Commission


The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission regulates and oversees the sport of Thoroughbred and Arabian racing in the state.

The Commission’s main objectives are to eliminate fraudulent activity that would undermine the public trust, bringing violators of commission rules, regulations and Delaware law to justice; to protect, preserve and promote agriculture and horse racing by preventing and eliminating corrupt practices; ensure fairness in licensing and patron decisions, and ensure that the state and betting public receive fair percentages of the wagering dollar by overseeing audits.


Employment Opportunities

The Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission currently has no open positions.

Visit the Delaware Employment Link for State of Delaware employment opportunities.


Horsemen and General Public Information

For integrity issues and complaints, contact Sarah Crane, Executive Director, DTRC, via e-mail or phone at (302) 994-2521 extension 8970. All inquiries or calls will be treated confidentially.

The Delaware Council on Gambling Problems offers confidential assistance to gamblers, their families, and those concerned about a friend or colleague. The Council provides literature, support meeting information, treatment information, and 24-hour help. Speakers are available for community groups and professional training. HELPLINE 888-850-8888

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