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Frequently Asked Questions

77 live racing days were approved for 2021, in addition to 363 simulcasting days. Specific race track information can be obtained by going to the following web link:

The 2021 Live Racing Dates are May 26th to October 16th. Please note that simulcasting is conducted 7 days a week except for Easter and Christmas.

Printed copies of rules are available, but the most up-to-date version of the DTRC rules and regulations can be reviewed on-line at

There are three Stewards in the stand during the running of the races. Two of the Stewards actually watch the race live from the viewing stand
high above the grandstand with binoculars. The third Steward views the running of the race via video feed from the track’s film/video patrol service. Following the race, the Stewards may review the race films from several different angles so that they can see infractions that may occur. In cases where a foul is detected, they may change the order of finish accordingly. The Commission also employs a Safety Steward who monitors horse health and safety issues pertaining to racing participants.

All Stewards daily reports can be accessed online:

Administrative Rulings, which are the result of disciplinary hearings or procedures, can be accessed at

The Stewards maintain office hours on live racing days and can be reached at: (302) 994-2521 extension(s): 7244, 7245, or 7246. All calls to the Stewards should be made during the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. The Stewards Secretary can be reached at (302) 994-2521 ext 7247.

The Commission does not tolerate or condone cruelty to animals, and reports of such offenses are quickly investigated.

All complaints or tips can be directed to Sarah A. Crane, Executive Director at (302) 994-2521 extension 8970 or via e-mail at

Any violations detected should be reported to Sarah A. Crane, Executive Director at (302) 994-2521 extension 8970 or via e-mail at

All calls and/or e-mails will be handled discreetly.

Licensing is an easy process. You have several available options.

  • Delaware is a member of the National Racing Compact, which is a governmental entity of its own. Interested parties can access the web site of the National Racing Compact or via phone, toll-free at (877)-457-2538.
  • You can also apply via the multi-jurisdictional license application at the Association of Racing Commissioners International. Their contact number is (859)-224-7070.
  • Finally, you can come to the licensing office in person at Delaware Park and apply. The licensing office at Delaware Park is located off of the Stanton Route 4 entrance. The (actual) office building is adjacent to the Horsemen’s Office and Stable gate. The contact number for the licensing office is:
    (302) 994-2521 extension 7138, 7258 or 7104.
The Commission meets at least once per month during live racing. In cases where they may be a heavy agenda of appeals, then additional meetings can be scheduled. The Commission is required to publicly post meeting notices and agendas 7 days before each meeting. A schedule of meetings and specific agendas can be accessed at
The Board was established to govern and monitor the health and welfare benefits available to participating Delaware Jockeys under the provisions of Senate Bill 338 signed into law in June 2004. The Board meets periodically to discuss health care issues for eligible riders. All meetings are posted in accordance with the public meeting law and can be accessed in the same manner regular Commission meetings are posted.
The mailing address for the Commission, Administration, Investigations and Inspections, Licensing and Veterinarian Services is:
Delaware Thoroughbred Racing Commission
Delaware Park Race Track, Slots, and Golf
777 Delaware Park Boulevard
Wilmington, Delaware 19804
Business Phone: (302) 994-2521
ext. 8970 – Executive Director, Sarah A. Crane
ext. 7148 – Administrative Specialist, Rebecca L. Coyle
ext. 7314 – Investigator, Abel Castellano

Business Phone: (302) 994-2521
ext. 7245 – Acting Chief State Steward, William Troilo
ext. 7244 – State Steward, Robert Colton
ext. 7246 – State Steward, Joelyn Rigione
ext. 7319 – Safety Steward, Eric Coatrieux
ext. 7247 –  Steward’s Secretary, Rebecca L. Coyle
ext. 7314 – License Inspector, Jeannette A. Raymond
ext. 7138 – License Inspector, Sharon F. Gunther
ext. 7474 – Chief Commission Veterinarian, Annie P. Renzetti
ext. 7474 – Associate Comm. Veterinarian, Robert Calley
ext. 7474 – Associate Comm. Veterinarian, Vacant

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