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Delaware Department of

DTRC Stewards Rulings

Enforcement rulings for the current season

Ruling: 01-2022: Patrick A. Dunn, Exercise Rider
Ruling: 02-2022: Michelle A. Fortebuono, Assistant Trainer
Ruling: 03-2022: Rajiv Chatrie, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 04-2022: Jhonatan Mendoza, Jockey
Ruling: 05-2022: John Hiraldo, Jockey
Ruling: 06-2022: Eduviel Ignacio, Apprentice Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 06A-2022
Ruling: 07-2022: Ronoel Damacena, Jockey
Ruling: 08-2022: Nicole Dankanich, Assistant Trainer
Ruling: 09-2022: Patrick Dunn, Assistant Trainer
Ruling: 10-2022: Melvin Ovando, Trainer
Ruling: 11-2022: Robert A Raymond II, Groom: AMENDED RULINGS 11A-2022, 11B-2022
Ruling: 12-2022: Carlos E. Caban, Trainer
Ruling: 13-2022: Aubrie Green, Jockey
Ruling: 14-2022: Jeremy Alicea, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 15-2022: Pascacio Paco Lopez, Jockey
Ruling: 16-2022: Yan Aviles, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 17-2022: Kelly M. Rubley, Trainer
Ruling: 18-2022: Carrie Brogden, Owner
Ruling: 19-2022: Robert Cherneski, Owner: AMENDED RULINGS 19A-2022, 19B-2022
Ruling: 20-2022: Jean C. Alvelo, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 21-2022: Victor Barboza, Jr., Trainer
Ruling: 22-2022: Lynn Ashby, Trainer
Ruling: 23-2022: Cindy Soto, Jockey
Ruling: 24-2022: John Hiraldo, Jockey
Ruling: 25-2022: Anthony Y. Nuenz, Jockey
Ruling: 26-2022: Benjamin Drylie-Perkins, Owner: AMENDED RULINGS 26A-2022, 26B-2022
Ruling: 27-2022: Benjamin Perkins, Jr., Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 27A-2022
Ruling: 28-2022: Jose A. Garcia, Owner: AMENDED RULINGS 28A-2022, 28B-2022
Ruling: 29-2022: Miguel Angel Penaloza, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 29A-2022, 29B-2022
Ruling: 30-2022: Rajiv Chatrie, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 31-2022: Tyler Conner Jockey
Ruling: 32-2022: Madeline Rowland, Jockey
Ruling: 33-2022: Charlie Marquez, Jockey
Ruling: 34-2022: John Hiraldo, Jockey
Ruling: 35-2022: Deivy Chavez, Jockey
Ruling: 36-2022: Jhonatan Mendoza, Jockey
Ruling: 37-2022: Victor R. Carrasco, Jockey
Ruling: 38-2022: Kieron Magee, Trainer
Ruling: 39-2022: Jomar Ortega Serrano, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 39A-2022
Ruling: 40-2022: Riquelvis Grullon, Trainer
Ruling: 41-2022: Ruben Silvera, Jockey
Ruling: 42-2022: Eliseo Jaimes-Saucedo, Owner
Ruling: 43-2022: Justin Rivera, Trainer
Ruling: 44-2022: Mark Tomczak, Trainer
Ruling: 45-2022: Christian J. Olmo, Jockey
Ruling: 46-2022: Wesley Henry, Jockey
Ruling: 47-2022: Juan De Dios Acosta, Jockey
Ruling: 48-2022: Hugh I. McMahon, Trainer
Ruling: 49-2022: Juan O. Arriagada, Trainer

Ruling: 01-2021: Marlin Zipp, Assistant Trainer
Ruling: 02-2021: Amber Cobb, Trainer
Ruling: 03-2021: Susan M. Barlow, Assistant Trainer
Ruling: 04-2021: Jairo Martinez, Exercise Rider
Ruling: 05-2021: Collie Smith, Owner-Trainer
Ruling: 06-2021: Stanley T. Earle, Hot Walker
Ruling: 07-2021: Amy S. Patterson, Hot Walker
Ruling: 08-2021: John Sgavicchio, Owner
Ruling: 09-2021: Julio R. Cartagena, Owner
Ruling: 10-2021: John H. Peterolff, Groom
Ruling: 11-2021: Durand Franlin, Hot Walker
Ruling: 12-2021: Joseph Brian Green, Jr., Hot Walker
Ruling: 13-2021: Kevin Mendez, Jockey
Ruling: 14-2021: Michael Allen Henry, Hot Walker
Ruling: 15-2021: Manuel A. Rosario, Jockey: AMENDED RULING 15A-2021
Ruling: 16-2021: McLean Robertson, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 16A-2021, 16B-2021
Ruling: 17-2021: Devon M. Stanford, Hotwalker
Ruling: 18-2021: Kelly Spanabel, Trainer
Ruling: 19-2021: Amber Cobb, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 19A-2021, 19B-2021
Ruling: 20-2021: Angel Suarez, Jockey
Ruling: 21-2021:  Jeremiah O’Dwyer, Trainer
Ruling: 22-2021: Lilia Lopez Alvarez, Hot Walker
Ruling: 23-2021: Augusto Marin, Jockey
Ruling: 24-2021: Kelly Spanabel, Trainer
Ruling: 25-2021: Mary Boskin, Owner
Ruling: 26-2021: Mark Brian Esposito, Owner: AMENDED RULINGS 26A-2021, 26B-2021
Ruling: 27-2021: Aubrie Green, Jockey
Ruling: 28-2021: Luis Saez, Jockey
Ruling: 29-2021: Kirsten Swan, Jockey
Ruling: 30-2021: Charles A. Frock, Trainer
Ruling: 31-2021: Michael Pino, Trainer
Ruling: 32-2021: Anthony D. Rogers, Hot Walker
Ruling: 33-2021: Shaun C. Morrow, Trainer
Ruling: 34-2021: Keiber Coa, Jockey
Ruling: 35-2021: Pascacio Paco Lopez, Jockey
Ruling: 36-2021: Hugh McMahon, Trainer
Ruling: 37-2021: Alfredo Velazquez, Trainer
Ruling: 38-2021: Angel Suarez, Jockey
Ruling: 39-2021: Jaime Rodriguez, Jockey
Ruling: 40-2021: Arnaldo Bocachica, Jockey
Ruling: 41-2021: Carol Cedeno, Jockey
Ruling: 42-2021: Anthony R. Margotta, Jr., Trainer
Ruling: 43-2021: Michael W. Merryman, Trainer
Ruling: 44-2021: Augusto A. Marin, Jockey
Ruling: 45-2021: Stephan J. Derany, Owner: AMENDED RULING 45A-2021
Ruling: 46-2021: William P. Otero, Jockey
Ruling: 47-2021:  R. Larry Johnson, Owner: AMENDED RULING 47A-2021
Ruling: 48-2021: Mary B. Boskin, Owner: AMENDED RULING 48A-2021
Ruling: 49-2021: Victor R. Carrasco, Jockey
Ruling: 50-2021: Kelly Spanabel, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 50A-2021, 50B-2021
Ruling: 51-2021: Anthony Aguirre Jr., Trainer
Ruling: 52-2021: Carol Cedeno, Jockey
Ruling: 53-2021: Mark Beecher, Owner-Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 53A-2021
Ruling: 54-2021: Alexander A. Cruz, Hot Walker
Ruling: 55-2021: Dennis G. Haines, Owner: AMENDED RULING 55A-2021
Ruling: 56-2021: Augusto A Marin, Jockey
Ruling: 57-2021: Ernest W Tonielli, Hot Walker
Ruling: 58-2021: Erick Lopez, Jockey
Ruling: 59-2021: Aubrie Green, Jockey
Ruling: 60-2021: Victor D. Rosales, Jockey
Ruling: 61-2021: William L Wishart, Owner: AMENDED RULING 61A-2021
Ruling: 62-2021: Stephen P. Knight, Owner: AMENDED RULING 62A-2021
Ruling: 63-2021: Shaina Montez, Owner
Ruling: 64-2021: Nesvil Bailon Davlia, Exercise Person
Ruling: 65-2021: Mychel Sanchez, Jockey
Ruling: 66-2021: Jaime Rodriguez, Jockey
Ruling: 67-2021: William Carter Jr., Owner: AMENDED RULING 67A-2021
Ruling: 68-2021: Jorge G. Ruiz, Jockey
Ruling: 69-2021: Angel Suarez, Jockey
Ruling: 70-2021: Rosemary Amaro, Groom: AMENDED RULING 70A-2021
Ruling: 71-2021: Andres H. Garibay, Trainer
Ruling: 72-2021: Andres H. Garibay, Trainer
Ruling: 73-2021: Richard Hendricks, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 73A-2021, 73B-2021
Ruling: 74-2021: Deshawn Cruz, Hot Walker
Ruling: 75-2021: Julio Caceres, Owner: AMENDED RULING 75A-2021
Ruling: 76-2021: Martin W. Digrius, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 76A-2021, 76B-2021
Ruling: 77-2021: Craig D. Walker, Groom: AMENDED RULING 77A-2021
Ruling: 78-2021: Jorge G. Ruiz, Jockey
Ruling: 79-2021: Johan Rosado, Jockey
Ruling: 80-2021: Joseph Trejos, Jockey
Ruling: 81-2021: Charlie Marquez, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 81A-2021, 81B-2021
Ruling: 82-2021: Carol Cedeno, Jockey
Ruling: 83-2021: Jaime Rodriguez, Jockey
Ruling: 84-2021: Aubrie Green, Jockey
Ruling: 85-2021: Nicholas Juarez, Jockey
Ruling: 86-2021: Mark Mace, Jockey
Ruling: 87-2021: Trevor Gallimore, Trainer
Ruling: 88-2021: Paul G. Aguirre, Trainer
Ruling: 89-2021: Maicol J. Inirio, Jockey
Ruling: 90-2021: Jerry Villegas, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 90A-2021, 90B-2021
Ruling: 91-2021: Michael E. Jones, Jr., Trainer: AMENDED RULING 91A-2021, 91B-2021
Ruling: 92-2021: Daxter J. Kraus, Foreman
Ruling: 93-2021: Sara B. Sloan, Owner: AMENDED RULING 93A-2021, 93B-2021
Ruling: 94-2021: Jane Cibelli, Trainer
Ruling: 95-2021: Victoria Casso, Veterinarian
Ruling: 96-2021: Ralph Riviezzo, Trainer
Ruling: 97-2021: Navin Mangalee, Jockey
Ruling; 98-2021: Linda L. Manchio, Trainer
Ruling: 99-2021: Roberto Alvarado, Jockey
Ruling: 100-2021: Cathy Denelsbeck, Trainer
Ruling: 101-2021: Gerald Hollendorfer, Trainer
Ruling: 102-2021: Skyler Spanabel, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 103-2021: Patrick S. Ashton, Trainer
Ruling: 104-2021: Andrew Wolfsont, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 104A-2021, 104B-2021
Ruling: 105-2021: Julio A. Hernandez, Jockey
Ruling: 106-2021: Jose Inoel Beato, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 106A-2021, 106B-2021
Ruling: 107-2021: Shaun C. Morow, TrainerAMENDED RULING 107A-2021
Ruling: 108-2021: Jorge A. Vargas, Jr., Jockey
Ruling: 109-2021: Reyna Herrera, Hot Walker
Ruling: 110-2021: Pedro Posadas, Trainer:  AMENDED RULING 110A-2021
Ruling: 111-2021: Deivy Chavez, Exercise Rider
Ruling: 112-2021: Jann N Hernandez, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 112A-2021, 112B-2021
Ruling: 113-2021: Augusto A. Marin, Jockey
Ruling: 114-2021: Deivy Chavez, Jockey
Ruling: 115-2021: Matthew J. Williams, Trainer: AMENDED RULING 115A-2021
Ruling: 116-2021: Charlie Marquez, Jockey
Ruling: 117-2021: Mychel Sanchez, Jockey
Ruling: 118-2021: Rajiv E. Chatrie, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 119-2021: Angel Suarez-Medero, Jockey
Ruling: 120-2021: Carlos Eduardo-Lopez, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 120A-2021, 120B-2021
Ruling: 121-2021: Juanita Bennett, Trainer
Ruling: 122-2021: Xavier Perez, Jockey: AMENDED RULING 122A-2021
Ruling: 123-2021: Jane Cibelli, Trainer
Ruling: 124-2021: Joseph Trejos, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 124A-2021, 124B-2021
Ruling: 125-2021: Erasmo Martinez, Jockey
Ruling: 126-2021: Jose Inoel Beato, Jockey
Ruling: 127-2021: Jaime Bravo-Estrada, Trainer
Ruling: 128-2021: Lisa Perri, Owner
Ruling: 129-2021: Donna Perri, Owner
Ruling: 130-2021: Shaun Morrow, Trainer
Ruling: 131-2021: Saul Ramirez, Trainer
Ruling: 132-2021: Carlos Vizcarrondo Fernandez, Owner
Ruling: 133-2021: Amber Cobb, Trainer: AMENDED RULINGS 133AB-2021, 133C-2021
Ruling: 134-2021: John Bisono, Jockey
Ruling: 135-2021: Geovany Garcia, Jockey
Ruling: 136-2021: Jose R. Betancourt, Jockey
Ruling: 137-2021: Deivy Chavez, Jockey
Ruling: 138-2021: Melvin Moises Ovando, Owner & Trainer
Ruling: 139-2021: Angel Suarez, Jockey
Ruling: 140-2021: Stephanie Sheroski, Jockey
Ruling: 141-2021: Jose Luis Ramirez, Trainer
Ruling: 142-2021: Linnard Lundy, Groom: AMENDED RULING 142A-2021
Ruling: 143-2021: Hassan Elamri, Trainer
Ruling: 144-2021: Jose Inoel Beato, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 144A-2021, 144B-2021
Ruling: 145-2021: Luis D. Rivera, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 145A-2021, 145B-2021
Ruling: 146-2021: Joseph Brian Green Jr., Hot Walker
Ruling: 147-2021: Linnard Lundy, Groom
Ruling: 148-2021: Luis Miguel Pivaral-Aguilar, Exercise Person
Ruling: 149-2021: Juan Esparza-Ramirez, Groom
Ruling: 150-2021: Luis Ramirez-Spulveda, Groom
Ruling: 151-2021: Raul Mena, Jockey
Ruling: 152-2021: Carlos J. Hernandez, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 152A-2021, 152B-2021
Ruling: 153-2021: Jose Luiz Ramirez, Trainer
Ruling: 154-2021: Mario Lopez, Pony Person
Ruling: 155-2021: John Hiraldo, Apprentice Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 155A-2021, 155B-2021
Ruling: 156-2021: Alberto Burgos, Jockey
Ruling: 157-2021: John Hiraldo, Apprentice Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 157A-2021, 157B-2021
Ruling: 158-2021: Jhonatan Mendoza, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 158A-2021, 158B-2021
Ruling: 159-2021: John D. Stephens, Trainer
Ruling: 160-2021: Wilmer A. Garcia, Jockey
Ruling: 161-2021: Karen Barias, Groom
Ruling: 161-2021: Jose Luis Rosales, Owner
Ruling: 163-2021: Linda Manchio, Trainer
Ruling: 164-2021: Belinda Manchio, Assistant Trainer: AMENDED RULING 164A-2021
Ruling: 165-2021: Owen Kiernan, Owner
Ruling: 166-2021:  Charles V. Parker, Jr., Owner: AMENDED RULING 166A-2021
Ruling: 167-2021: Johan Rosado, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 167A-2021, 167B-2021
Ruling: 168-2021: John Hiraldo, Apprentice Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 168A-2021
Ruling: 169-2021: James L. Lawrence, Trainer: AMENDED RULING 169A-2021
Ruling: 170-2021: Raul Mena, Jockey
Ruling: 171-2021: Aubrie Green, Jockey
Ruling:172-2021: Carlos Vizcarrondo-Fernandez, Owner
Ruling: 173-2021: Jorge G. Ruiz, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 173A-2021
Ruling: 174-2021: Amber R. Cobb, Trainer
Ruling: 175-2021: Eduviel Ignacio, Apprentice Jockey
Ruling: 176-2021: Wesley Henry, Jockey
Ruling: 177-2021: Maria Rosana Scaldaferri, Jockey
Ruling: 178-2021: Ruben Silvera, Jockey: AMENDED RULINGS 178A-2021
Ruling: 179-2021: John Randall Adams, Owner
Ruling: 180-2021: Kathleen Balgobin, Owner
Ruling: 181-2021: Richard V. Calia, Owner
Ruling: 182-2021: James Richard Graff, Owner
Ruling: 183-2021: Bradley Louis Hasselwander, Owner
Ruling: 184-2021: Nils Johnson, Owner
Ruling: 185-2021: Keith Leonard, Owner: AMENDED RULING 185A-2021
Ruling: 186-2021: Stephen David O’Neill, Owner
Ruling: 187-2021: Daniel Greenleaf Plummer, Owner: AMENDED RULING 187A-2021
Ruling: 188-2021: Gary Ronald Possler, Owner: AMENDED RULING 188A-2021
Ruling: 189-2021: Patricia Lynn Ramey, Owner
Ruling: 190-2021: Cynthia Anne Rice, Owner
Ruling: 191-2021: Nareesa Soodeen, Owner
Ruling: 192-2021: Greggory William Thomas, Owner
Ruling: 193-2021: Michele Ann Zwigart, Owner: AMENDED RULING 193A-2021
Ruling: 194-2021: Jan Carlos Batista, Jockey: AMENDED RULING 194A-2021
Ruling: 195-2021: Linda Lee Albert, Trainer: AMENDED RULING 195A-2021

  • Ruling: 01-2020: Randy Nunley, Trainer
  • Ruling: 02-2020AMENDED RULING  02A-2020:  Andrew L. Simoff, Owner/Trainer
  • Ruling: 03-2020AMENDED RULING  03A-2020 AMENDED RULING 03B-2020:  David Leedom Neilson, Owner/Trainer
  • Ruling: 04-2020: Alex Cintron, Jockey
  • Ruling: 05-2020: Victor Rosales, Jockey
  • Ruling: 06-2020: McLean Robertson, Trainer
  • Ruling: 07-2020: Paul McClelland, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 08-2020: Caroline Shockley, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 09-2020: Erasmo Martinez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 10-2020: Emma Smith, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 11-2020: Dale Bennett, Trainer
  • Ruling: 12-2020: Raul Mena, Jockey
  • Ruling: 13-2020: Mary Pattershall, Trainer
  • Ruling: 14-2020: Ramon Arthuro Diez, Owner
  • Ruling: 15-2020: James Cronk, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 16-2020: Edith McCaslin, Owner
  • Ruling: 17-2020: Matthew Sean Cahir, Owner
  • Ruling: 18-2020: Edgar Palacaios Quintero, Owner
  • Ruling: 19-2020:  AMENDED RULING  19A-2020:  William G. Day, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 20-2020: Luis D. Rivera, Jockey
  • Ruling: 21-2020: Annie Gabree, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 22-2020: Shawn Huet, Assistant Trainer
  • Ruling: 23-2020: Maria Pedroza, Groom
  • Ruling: 24-2020: Estela Chinchilla, Groom
  • Ruling: 25-2020: Kaitlin Lutzen, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 26-2020: Robert Paz, Jockey
  • Ruling: 27-2020: Albino A. Rossi, Owner
  • Ruling: 28-2020: AMENDED RULING 28A-2020: Jon Marshall, Owner
  • Ruling: 29-2020: AMENDED RULING 29A-2020: Tyron Benoit, Owner
  • Ruling: 30-2020: John Koenig, Owner
  • Ruling: 31-2020: Charlie Marquez, Apprentice Jockey
  • Ruling: 32-2020: AMENDED RULING  32A-2020:  Bruno LaBanca, Owner
  • Ruling: 33-2020: AMENDED RULING  33A-2020:  Robert LaBanca, Owner
  • Ruling: 34-2020: Meylina Guitierez, Owner
  • Ruling: 35-2020: Jhonathan Mendoza, Jockey
  • Ruling: 36-2020: AMENDED RULING 36A-2020: Martin Shaw, Owner
  • Ruling: 37-2020: AMENDED RULING 37A-2020: Allen Papp, Owner
  • Ruling: 38-2020: Dale Capuano, Owner
  • Ruling: 39-2020: Alex Cintron, Jockey
  • Ruling: 40-2020: Michael Troutman, Owner
  • Ruling: 41-2020: AMENDED RULING 41A-2020: Deborah Benjamin, Owner
  • Ruling: 42-2020: Jose Felipe Ayala, Groom
  • Ruling: 43-2020: Raul Mena, Jockey
  • Ruling: 44-2020: Navin Mangalee, Jockey
  • Ruling: 45-2020: Vince Halliday, Jockey
  • Ruling: 46-2020: Martin Solis, Jockey
  • Ruling: 47-2020: AMENDED RULING 47A-2020: Richard Alfred, Owner
  • Ruling: 48-2020: Roddy Valente, Owner
  • Ruling: 49-2020: Anne Gillen, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 50-2020: AMENDED RULING 50A-2020: AMENDED RULING 50B-2020: Anne Gillen, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 51-2020: Roberto Alvarado, Jockey
  • Ruling: 52-2020: Ivan Elizade, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 53-2020: Shaun Morrow, Trainer
  • Ruling: 54-2020: Jeffrey Cohn, Owner
  • Ruling: 55-2020: James C. Cronk, Jockey Agent
  • Ruling: 56-2020: Michael L. Catalano, Trainer
  • Ruling: 57-2020: Adam Gold, Owner
  • Ruling: 58-2020: Jhonathan Mendoza, Jockey
  • Ruling: 59-2020: Jamie Medina, Jockey
  • Ruling: 60-2020: Deivy Chavez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 61-2020AMENDED RULING 61A-2020: Edward Paul Swyer, Owner
  • Ruling: 62-2020: Skyler Spanabel, Apprentice Jockey
  • Ruling: 63-2020: AMENDED RULING  63A-2020: Brian Pedroza, Jockey
  • Ruling: 64-2020: Ian Hemingway, Trainer
  • Ruling: 65-2020: Jorge Calderon, Jockey
  • Ruling: 66-2020: Henry S. Clark III, Owner-Trainer
  • Ruling: 67-2020: Alexander Gonzalez, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 68-2020: Alexander Gonzalez, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 69-2020: Leonardo Tellez Solis, Groom
  • Ruling: 70-2020: Mauricio Fuentes, Trainer
  • Ruling: 71-2020: Abner Adorno, Jockey
  • Ruling: 72-2020: AMENDED RULING 72A-2020:AMENDED RULING: 72B-2020: FINAL DECISION 72-FINAL:
    Hubert Gaffney, Trainer
  • Ruling: 73-2020: Alex Cintron, Jockey
  • Ruling: 74-2020: Navin Mangalee, Jockey
  • Ruling: 75-2020: Angel Suarez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 76-2020: Milton McKenzie, Owner
  • Ruling: 77-2020: Amador Sanchez, Trainer
  • Ruling: 78-2020: Amador Sanchez, Trainer
  • Ruling: 79-2020: AMENDED RULING 79A-2020: Brian Novak, Owner
  • Ruling: 80-2020: AMENDED RULING 80A-2020: Kerry Novak, Owner
  • Ruling: 81-2020: Jhonathan Mendoza, Jockey
  • Ruling: 82-2020: Nasib Rahim, Owner
  • Ruling: 83-2020: Robert Paz, Jockey
  • Ruling: 84-2020: William Terry, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 85-2020: AMENDED RULING 85A-2020: Paul McKenzie, Owner
  • Ruling: 86-2020: Navin Mongalee, Jockey
  • Ruling: 87-2020: Richard Hendriks, Trainer
  • Ruling: 88-2020: Alex Cintron, Jockey
  • Ruling: 89-2020: Gary Capuano, Trainer
  • Ruling: 90-2020: Raul Mena, Jockey
  • Ruling: 91-2020AMENDED RULING 91A-2020: AMENDED RULING 91B-2020:  Carla Morgan, Trainer
  • Ruling: 92-2020:  Daniel Garner, Hot Walker
  • Ruling: 93-2020: Cesar Rodriguez, Assistant Trainer
  • Ruling: 94-2020: John Boniface, Jr., Trainer
  • Ruling: 95-2020: Mario Rodriguez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 96-2020: Priscilla Nichols, Trainer
  • Ruling: 97-2020: Alex Cintron, Jockey
  • Ruling: 98-2020: Navin Mangalee, Jockey
  • Ruling: 99-2020: Mario Rodriguez, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 100-2020: AMENDED RULING 100A-2020: Kevin Mendez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 101-2020: AMENDED RULING 101A-2020: Mario Rodriguez, Exercise Rider
  • Ruling: 102-2020: Mauricio Fuentes: Trainer
  • Ruling: 103-2020: Raidel Llauro-Gonzalez
  • Ruling: 104-2020: AMENDED RULING 104A-2020: AMENDED RULING 104B-2020: Yolonda King, Trainer
  • Ruling: 105-2020: Amador Sanchez, Trainer
  • Ruling: 106-2020: Paul McClelland, Jockey Agent
  • Ruling: 107-2020: AMENDED RULING 107A-2020: Pierre Manigault, Owner
  • Ruling: 108-2020: Cipriano Contreras, Trainer
  • Ruling: 109-2020: Louis Mairone, Owner
  • Ruling: 110-2020: Carmen Pinto, Owner
  • Ruling: 111-2020:  Jaime Cruz, Trainer
  • Ruling: 112-2020: Angel Suarez, Jockey
  • Ruling: 113-2020: AMENDED RULING 113A-2020: Michael V. D’Amelio, Owner
  • Ruling: 114-2020: Edward Haney, Horse Transporter
  • Ruling: 115-2020: Andrew Simoff, Trainer
  • Ruling: 116-2020: AMENDED RULING 116A-2020: Navin Mangalee, Jockey
  • Ruling: 117-2020: AMENDED RULING 117A-2020: Anthony William Farrior, Trainer
  • Ruling: 118-2020: Jose Camejo, Trainer
  • Ruling: 119-2020: Mary Boskin, Owner
  • Ruling: 120-2020: AMENDED RULING 120A-2020: Wyonaks Farm, Owner
  • Ruling: 121-2020: Elements Racing LLC., Owner
  • Ruling: 122-2020: AMENDED RULING 122A-2020: Isaac Smith, Owner
  • Ruling: 123-2020: AMENDED RULING 123A-2020: Presley Smith, Owner
  • Ruling: 124-2020: AMENDED RULING 124A-2020: Abel Castellano, Trainer
  • Ruling: 125-2020: Hassan Elamri, Trainer
  • Ruling: 126-2020: Amber Cobb, Trainer
  • Ruling: 127-2020: Nicholas Meittinis, Veterinarian
The Delaware Council on Gambling Problems offers confidential assistance to gamblers, their families, and to those who are concerned about a friend or colleague. The Council provides literature, support meeting information, treatment information, and 24-hour help. Speakers are available for community groups and for professional training. HELPLINE 888-850-8888

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