Delaware Department of

Pesticide Applicator Certification

Who Needs To Be Certified To Apply Pesticides In Delaware?

Anyone buying or using a restricted use pesticide must be certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture (DDA).


Anyone in the business of applying pesticides, either restricted use or general use to the land or property of another must be certified and obtain a Pesticide Business License from the Delaware Department of Agriculture.


Private Applicators

  • Purchase and apply “Restricted Use” pesticides
  • Produce an agricultural commodity
  • Apply pesticides on their own land or the land of their employer


Commercial Applicators (For Hire)

  • Use any pesticides on others’; property in exchange for compensation
  • Must work for a company with a Pesticide Business License


Commercial Applicator (Not For Hire)

Use any pesticides as part of their job duties on the following types of property owned or leased by them or their employers:

  • School
  • Apartment building
  • Nursing home
  • Hospital
  • Day-care center


Forms and Instructions

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