Residents who are seeking treatment options for spotted lanternfly can click to find a licensed "Ornamental and Turf" Pesticide company in their area. Make sure to select "Ornamental and Turf" in the drop-down menu and then click "Search for Businesses licensed for this Category." More Info logo
Delaware Department of

For Applicators

Anyone buying or using a restricted pesticide must be certified by the Delaware Department of Agriculture. Anyone in the business of applying pesticides, either restricted use or general use, to the land or property of another must be certified and obtain a Pesticide Business License.

    1. Complete online application at
    2. Click “Register” and then select “Reciprocal.”
    3. Fill in the requested information and click “Confirm.”
    4. Remit the appropriate fee(s) by paying online.
      Please Note: Not all categories of certification are currently the same between states. Reciprocal Certification from a state other than your home state cannot be used in acquiring a reciprocal license in Delaware. Registered Service Employees or Registered Technicians cannot become Delaware Reciprocal Applicators (Only Certified Commercial).

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