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Delaware Department of

Forestry Education

Arbor Day Activities

The Delaware Forest Service sponsors an annual Arbor Day Poster Contest for Delaware school children in grades K-5. Poster contest information is announced in January, with awards presented in April during our annual Arbor Day Ceremony. The Delaware Forest Service also distributes free pine seedlings annually to Delaware elementary school children on a first-come, first-served basis. The Arbor Day Poster Contest is designed to teach students about forests and forest resources. Participating in the poster contest is a way to learn more about the role of trees and their direct impact on the health and well-being of Delaware residents.

This year’s theme – “Trees Are Terrific…in Many Wonderful Ways” – was chosen to highlight the benefits of trees in our communities.

Grade 5 student Alyssa DeLuca of Brandywine Springs Elementary was the state winner of the Delaware Forest Service’s annual Arbor Day School Poster Contest. This year’s contest attracted entries from 44 schools and 73 classrooms, with a total of 2,748 students participating. This year’s theme was “Trees Are Terrific…in Many Wonderful Ways!” Posters were judged on originality, use of theme, neatness, and artistic expression. Each winner receives a gift card, a tree-themed book, and a tree planting at their school.  Twelve winners were selected from each county in four grade categories: kindergarten, grade 1 and 2, grade 3 and 4, and grade 5. The complete gallery of winners is shown below (click the image to view a full-resolution image of the artwork) The poster contest is designed to increase student knowledge about forests and forest resources. For teachers, the poster contest can be an ideal way for students to learn more about the role of trees in our communities and their direct impact on Delawareans’ health and well-being. The schoolyard is also perfect setting to incorporate the role of trees into your everyday curriculum. Trees not only provide beauty, shade, and habitat and food for wildlife, they also improve air quality, muffle noise, moderate air temperatures, filter runoff into streams and rivers, and reduce energy consumption.

Alyssa Deluca-Brandywine Springs


New Castle County

Kindergarten: Lyla Jones – Brandywine Springs Elementary

Grade 1 and 2: Lilly Townsend – St. Anne’s Episcopal School

Grade 3 and 4: Shannon Last – Heritage Elementary

Grade 5: Alyssa Deluca – Brandywine Springs Elementary *

Kent County

Kindergarten: Sara Carney – Clayton Elementary

Grade 1 and 2: Eliana Oberdick – W.B. Simpson Elementary

Grade 3 and 4: Katelyn Bredesen – Allen Frear Elementary

Grade 5: Ziad Rasamny – Allen Frear Elementary

Sussex County

Kindergarten: Leah Neall – H. O. Brittingham Elementary

Grade 1 and 2: Tiffany Tran – Richard A. Shields Elementary

Grade 3 and 4: Meadow Warren – So. Del. School of the Arts

Grade 5: Miranda Garcia – Rehoboth Elementary

* state winner

The complete gallery of winners is at


Redden Forest Education CenterForestry Education Centers

The Delaware Forest Services operates and manages education centers at Redden State Forest and Blackbird State Forest. These facilities house a variety of interactive displays about Delaware’s forests and their management, and provide a comfortable work area for students and teachers to participate in educational activities. Each facility features a classroom for indoor meetings and activities as well as outdoor educational trails for a more dynamic learning experience. The education facilities are open by appointment only on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.



Smokey Bear

Smokey Bear

The Delaware Forest Service offers Smokey Bear programs each October to all of Delaware’s first-grade classes upon request to help prevent wildfires. In addition, Smokey Bear makes appearances at special events promoting fire safety (fire company open houses, parades, safety fairs, etc.) Due to federal licensing arrangements, Smokey Bear is not permitted to appear at special events in which fire safety is NOT a primary message.




Speakers Bureau

Our foresters will provide a variety of forestry programs to schools and civic organizations, including:

  • Wildland firefighting and wildfire prevention;
  • Forest health (i.e. disease identification/prevention and pest control);
  • Forest management (i.e. timber harvesting, reforestation);
  • Watershed forestry (using trees to improve water quality);
  • Urban forestry (improving and maintaining forest resources in Delaware’s cities, towns, and communities); and
  • Careers in forestry

For school presentations, our staff will customize the presentation to any specific grade level.


Project Learning Tree

The Delaware Forest Service strives to integrate Project Learning Tree (PLT) activities into daily classroom lessons. This award-winning environmental education program is designed for educators who work with students in kindergarten through grade 12. Contact us at the email address below to learn more about how this program can benefit your school.

Ashley Melvin


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