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Delaware’s Urban and Community Forestry Program provides financial assistance to help municipalities, nonprofit groups, community associations, and homeowners to plant and care for their trees.

The Delaware Forest Service has full-time forestry staff who assist cities, towns, and communities with the management and care of their urban forestry resources. Foresters are able to do sick tree calls, answer tree questions, and make species and placement recommendations. Our staff also works with developers, planners, and engineers by administering technical assistance and educational programing. Your trees are a valued resource; don’t trust their care to just anybody. Hire an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist. An ISA-certified arborist is specially trained to care for individual trees.

Our staff also promotes and assists with tree recognition programs, which can be viewed here.

Tree work should only be done by those properly insured, trained, and equipped to work safely in trees.

Find an ISA-certified arborist

As part of its mission, several informative publications, resources, and links are available to help with proper planning and developing effective strategies for tree planting, care, and management.




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Circular image of a white house and a beautiful tree.Learn how to identify trees, find resources to help you plant trees, and how to
care for the trees in your yard based on the time of year, their age, and other impacts.


circular image of a community of homes.Trees provide a lot of benefits to improving small and large communities. Learn about funding and educational opportunities and how to manage your community’s tree canopy.


Circular image of a man cutting down a tree. Arborists can stay up-to-date through continuing education, participation in professional organizations, and use the latest information available to address emerging issues.

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