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Delaware Tree Stewards

Are you interested in trees and their potential to restore the environment? Do you want to learn how to improve quality-of-life for your community?

If so, Delaware Tree Stewards can provide training and resources to help you affect change in our neighborhoods and cities. Brought to you by the Delaware Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry program, completing this four-part virtual training and certification program means joining a group of passionate volunteers from across the state. We’ll cover tree science, tree care techniques, and project development.


Who We Are

Launched in Fall 2020, the Tree Stewardship program connects Delawareans to their landscapes through the acts of planting and caring for trees.

Our trees and forests are essential in protecting the lands and waters of the First State. By training and empowering citizens locally, we can ensure Delaware has a greener future.



At the center of this program are workshops that provide the knowledge and conversation that make up a tree stewards training.

Spread over four sessions, the curriculum is complete once a tree steward has finished the sessions and participated in a Delaware Forest Service or partner-organized planting event. Topics covered include: how trees work, tree planting, care, and procurement. Organization, advocacy, and fundraising will also be covered.

Delaware Tree Stewards is an excellent opportunity to connect with experts and learners alike. Click here to follow the Delaware Tree Stewards to find out about upcoming training sessions near you.


Join. Learn. Plant.

Whether it’s a young tree or an old tree, they benefit from knowledge and care. When you become a Delaware Tree Steward, you take an active role in caring for trees, supporting local ecosystems, and the communities that depend on them.

By completing training and networking with other stewards, graduates will recognize opportunities and coordinate tree projects where they are needed most.


Tree Talks

These video snippets from our training serve as excellent reference material even after you have graduated as a Tree Steward.


Tree Stewards Active in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Delaware isn’t the only state with a Tree Stewards Program. Learn more about what other states and cities in the Chesapeake Bay watershed are doing by visiting the Chesapeake Tree Canopy Network.


If you have questions, comments, or need assistance, please contact:
Urban and Community Forestry Program. Send E-mail.

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